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Linerless Label Technology Drives Cost Savings and Sustainability for U.S. Transport Company

Parcels with shipping labels on rug near door.

Client reduces costs by over $300K, meets demand of 105% spike in label usage


A pandemic-driven surge in e-commerce transactions left a major American transport company struggling to keep pace with a 105% spike in label product usage. The client sought an external partner to help navigate this increase in demand and mitigate global supply chain challenges.


Due to a longstanding relationship with RRD spanning various business units, the company turned to RRD’s label experts seeking an alternative to traditional labels.  

RRD proposed the adoption of linerless label technology to replace the brand’s existing traditional label material. Linerless labels are created with a release coating in place of a liner, providing cost, safety, and sustainability benefits. RRD developed the linerless technology in the 1990s and was the first to use it commercially. 

Following a testing process to align the product with the company’s quality assurance standards and ensure ease of use at the warehouse level, a live rollout ensued. 


The advantages of transitioning to linerless shipping labels included an overall cost savings of more than $300K as well as enhanced sustainability efforts due to liner material waste elimination. More labels per roll translated to:

  • Decreased shipping costs due to lower carton usage
  • Decreased physical storage requirements
  • Increased productivity due to fewer media changes at printer stations