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Health System Gains Real Visibility in Total Communications Spend | Healthcare

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Communications assessment identifies a major lack in brand consistency and sound asset management


A large health system — 40 hospitals (5,000 beds), 90 non-acute locations — lacked an integrated marketing strategy and sought to identify process inefficiencies and breakdowns that were creating cost and control issues, and also gain centralized visibility into its total communications spend. 


RRD conducted a communications management assessment that included a review of supplier data and interviews with nine internal departments. The comprehensive assessment focused on eight key areas:

  • Marketing and business communication
  • Branded and promotional items
  • Operational workflow and technology
  • Design services
  • Digital asset management
  • Production and supplier management
  • Online production and fulfillment systems
  • Enterprise reporting and supply chain analytics


The assessment revealed a number of discoveries new to the client:

  • Identified more than 400 suppliers representing $20 million in spend
  • Top 5% of suppliers represented 80% of spend
  • Almost 80% of suppliers represent 3% of spend
  • GPO-endorsed print management supplier has 10% of total communication spend
  • Communication spend is $4,000 per bed
  • Over 19,000 invoices were processed each year
  • Day-to-day activities were managed by multiple systems

In addition to identifying a major lack in brand consistency and sound asset management, RRD identified 15-18% in hard-dollar savings opportunities.