Dedicated Photography Resource Instills Professionalism, Exceeds Client Expectations

August 15, 2019 RRD, RR Donnelley

Cost savings from a scalable, dedicated solution


Following the attendance of an RRD Marketing Solutions’ quarterly studio art show, a Seattle-based upscale resort-wear brand indicated to us a high level of dissatisfaction with their existing vendor’s overall level of professionalism in regards to a variety of content management services – e.g., photography, post production, set building and asset management.


To develop trust, we provided a sampling of our abilities by offering test shoots of all photography categories and outlined workflow solutions not currently available to the client. Once awarded the work, we assigned a dedicated customer service representative to the account. This enabled us to establish monthly production reviews to ensure we were exceeding the client’s expectations.


Today, the client continues to benefit from our dedicated photography resource that is scalable at a moment’s notice. This elite level of professionalism provides better styling with superior lighting, as well as excellent technology and post production capabilities (e.g., digital asset management and soft proofing). Our client has also experienced significant cost savings related to location photography, thanks to our experienced team’s creative abilities to turn our studio space into on-brand settings.


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