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Insurance Giant Applies Holistic Approach to 401(k) Communications | Financial Services

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Streamlining a clunky process through a single source provider 


A global financial firm was seeking a more efficient solution for custom print communications intended for its customer’s 401(k) participants, informing them of a transition to a new plan provider. The customer is a large provider of supplemental insurance in the United States. 

The existing process was clunky and required engaging an outside firm for the creative execution. RRD was then pulled in for the printing and mailing.  


To ensure seamless production and distribution of the 401(k) communications — as well as meet all legal requirements for mailing deadlines — RRD took over as the single source provider for this undertaking.  Project deliverables included:

  • Digital presentations for the sales and marketing teams as well as transition presentations of proposed collateral
  • Design of social media communications across multiple platforms
  • Digital signage and matching email banner design 
  • Design of multiple print formats including brochures, letters, custom envelopes, and postcards

RRD's oversight of the entire process, including the creative design, provided the client better flexibility, improved schedule management, and a streamlined approach for enhanced efficiency.