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Automated E-Delivery Ensures First Trade Communication Accuracy, Data Security | Financial Services

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RRD’s PIVOT platform automates previously manual process, improving compliance and reducing risk in digital transformation project


A leading investment banking institution sought security and efficiency improvements to their critical client communication delivery process for a first-time buy. The existing process was entirely manual:

  1. A confirmation of trade was printed, and the corresponding prospectus was physically located and pulled from a shelf.
  2. The two items were then manually married together and sent via mail to the corresponding client in accordance with compliance regulations.

Not only was this process time- and labor-intensive, it also provided a high margin for error, jeopardizing the accuracy of the brand’s client communications. Manually assembling the mailing increased the potential for human error and a breach of confidentiality, which could result in proprietary client information being shared illegally with another client.


The bank leveraged an existing relationship with RRD spanning over 20 years to seek an outsourced solution to replace the outdated mailing process. A digital transformation began immediately, and after nine months of customization and testing for accuracy, the solution was completed and deployed. 

RRD built a platform to automate the previously manual pick-and-pack process using an e-delivery system known as PIVOT. Incorporated as a fundamental part of the solution, this proprietary technology from RRD transforms data into information to generate personalized documents.


The optimized process now pulls the correct prospectus from a third party database and sends it to the client along with the corresponding trade confirmation — all via email. The platform includes a built-in custom data feed, which automatically marries the two communication pieces together, eliminating the previous margin of error.

The deployment of the automated e-delivery platform resulted in:

  • Increased speed to market
  • Improved regulatory compliance measures
  • Heightened data security and risk mitigation
  • Manual human error risk elimination
  • Improved resource allocation, as automation is less expensive than a manual process
  • A successfully executed digital transformation strategy