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Wearable Technology Solutions

woman jogging with a smartwatch

Integrated Supply Chain Platform Accelerates Speed-to-Market

From fitness bands to smart watches to health trackers, the wearable technology sector has seen explosive growth with product innovations continuing to accelerate and new devices continuously entering the market.

With the rapid development of wearable device technology, many companies are under pressure to remain agile and to move products from development to the market at an increasingly rapid rate. In order to achieve this and improve their competitive positioning, wearable technology brands are looking to their supply chain networks and focusing on solutions that will improve:

  • Speed of new product introductions
  • Product quality and presentation
  • Responsiveness of fluctuating demands
  • Management of inventory and working capital
  • Distribution through multiple channels
  • Cost-effective use of resources
  • Management of complexity and product variations
  • Mid-cycle product offering modifications/improvements.


Comprehensive Solutions

RRD's global, vertically integrated supply chain platform provides packaging and postponement solutions for wearable technology devices from concept design to final delivery.

Our product packaging and logistics strategies can help to lower your costs, accelerate speed-to-market, simplify management of product manufacturing and packaging, and improve responsiveness through a proven global platform.

RRD understands the complexities of today's supply chain, and we offer a full complement of services:

  • Creative packaging design integrated with our global print and packaging production facilities in Europe, North America and China
  • Materials management, sourcing and procurement; including ownership of products and packaging materials until shipment of finished goods
  • Managing Original Design Manufacturers (ODM's) and suppliers across multiple geographies
  • Globally integrated supply chain systems for execution and collaboration
  • Product assembly, test and configuration labeling and serialization
  • Order management and any-channel fulfillment
  • Inbound and outbound logistics management
  • High level of security
  • FDA-registered, cGMP/QSR-compliant and ISO13485.