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Vascular Access Device Solutions

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Therapy Focussed Solutions

Negotiate changes in today's healthcare marketplace with therapy-focused supply chain solutions.

The healthcare market is currently undergoing acute and far-reaching changes, this is particularly true for the medical device market. With the move from the 2P (patient and physician) to the 5P (patient, physician, provider, payer and policy maker) model, there can be more than twice the number of stakeholders making purchasing decisions, increasing complexity along the supply chain and heightening expectations.

Vascular device procedure kits, which include various low-value disposable components, are particularly susceptible to this trend. To offset these pressures, medical device manufacturers are employing unique contracting practices by bundling core devices with ancillary support products. This increases the value of their proprietary technology. However, bundled products in the form of packs, kits and trays often involve a chain of vendors leading to excessive inventories and increased potential for lapses in quality control.

RRD understands the complexities of today's medical device marketplace and offer a full complement of services for every facet of your business:

  • Simplify supply chain processes by offering a "one-stop-shop" management of procedure instruments packs, kits and trays
  • Material sourcing and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) rationalization
  • Inventory reduction
  • Complex packaging design capability
  • Kitting and automation services
  • Managed logistics
  • Regulatory filing assistance.



RRD's solutions create efficiencies across the vascular device supply chain, helping to streamline processes whilst remaining responsive to budget realities. RRD can help realise cost savings and:

  • Reduce end-to-end costs of providing packs, kits and trays
  • Enhance the value proposition for strategic accounts to secure tenders, Integrated Delivery Network, Group Purchasing Organisation and Payers
  • Increase and maintain margins through unique offerings
  • Simplify supply chain logistics
  • Differentiate product offerings and value propositions
  • Reduce organizational strain in managing additional device suppliers.


RRD fosters continual process improvements and business growth through every step of the supply chain, simplifying the complexities of the medical device market and allowing for focus on core business objectives.



  • FDA registered (class I-III), cGMP/QSR-compliant, ISO13485 accredited facilities in North America, Europe and Asia
  • Experienced team of facility-based medical QA/regulatory professionals
  • Full product track and traceability
  • 21 CFR part 11-compliant
  • ISO 14644-1 Class 8 cleanroom facilities.