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Subscription Box Supply Chain Infographic

woman smiling and taking a package from a delivery driver

The subscription box industry has experienced massive growth in recent years. In 2017, the number of subscribers in the United States increased to 11 million while venture funding in e-commerce subscription services has now surpassed $1.6 billion.

Scaling a subscription box service does, however, come with a range of challenges. Consumers expect a high level of personalization and product variability. Seasonal surges are difficult to predict in such a relatively new market. Compliance, ensuring brand consistency on all packaging, inventory management, and timely delivery all present further challenges.

To meet these challenges, subscription service companies need to develop highly responsive, adaptable, and efficient supply chain solutions. RRD Supply Chain Solutions with our wide-ranging capabilities is uniquely positioned to help subscription box companies develop the robust supply chain infrastructure needed to succeed today. Check out the infographic below to learn more about our supply chain and packaging solution.

subscription box supply chain infographic