U.S. Super Grocer Gets Fresh In-Store Signage in Record Time

August 15, 2019 RRD, RR Donnelley

From concepts to production-ready art


When one of the nation’s largest supermarket chains – maintaining nearly 2,800 stores in 34 states – launched a new retail environment, the need for a consistent, engaging in-store experience with dynamic signage and display materials was paramount. And with its CMO set to visit a kickoff location just days after this request, the company needed the creative and printed materials, well, yesterday.


The display engineers at RRD Marketing Solutions went straight to work and submitted designs for a number of directional and informational signs with clear and concise messaging to ease in-store and outdoor traffic flow.

Upon delivery, the concepts were so well received by the client that additional sign prototypes were requested – 11 unique concepts and 201 prototypes. The deadline: as soon as possible and on-site in time for the CMO store visit.


90% of materials designed, produced and distributed within 24 hours (100% in less than 48 hours)

11 unique concepts and 201 prototypes

Local field service assembly and installation support

Turning the creative concepts into production-ready art, our team designed, produced and shipped all of our client’s requested concepts within 48 hours or less – with 90% completed and shipped in 24 hours. Our local field service team was also called in to support our client’s corporate employees during assembly and installation.

For a creative process that has a tendency to be unhurried and require multiple review cycles, RRD completing the task in a 48-hour cycle proved to impress. So much so, the client requested RRD Marketing Solutions to participate in three additional programs for the remainder of calendar year:

  • A six-week program in which designs change every week
  • Department dress-up (e.g., floor display, endcap dress-up, and inline dress-up)
  • Promotional endcap dress-up

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