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Consumer Behavior June Update — COVID-19

Many businesses are reopening slowly and cautiously across the country. How are consumers reacting to it?   

To keep a pulse on it, our Market Intelligence team pulled together the most credible research available on COVID-19 and its effect on the marketplace. Here’s a snapshot of stats from recent weeks that we found to be some of the most compelling. 

For a deeper, more industry-specific dive on COVID's impact on consumer behavior, see below:

COVID-19 and consumer behavior

Here are a few new numbers from mid- to late-May market research. 

Normalizing new normals

88% of American consumers say they are shifting shopping patterns in response to COVID-19. [source]

72% of American consumers say buying something impulsively during the pandemic has positively affected their mood. [source]

71% plan to continue an increased rate of online shopping even after the stay-at-home order is lifted for them. [source]

55% of Americans say they are purchasing items online from retailers they’ve never shopped before. [source]

89% of U.S. hospitals expect telehealth usage to increase post COVID-19. [source]

Grocery shopping 2.0

89% of grocery shoppers have made a change in how they shop as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. [source]

Nearly one-third of U.S. adults who had groceries delivered “feel bad delivery workers are risking their health for me.”  [source]

From out-of-stock paper products to delayed delivery times, 84% of shoppers have encountered problems shopping for groceries online. [source]

How they see it and spend it

Prior to week of 3/16, no mentions of digital shopping were found in auto ads. On April 20, there were 47,373 auto ads aired that included a message around digital shopping. [source]

The top three responses to when consumers were asked, “How would you describe the advertising you’re hearing or seeing today?” 

  • Hopeful
  • Positive
  • Empathetic [source]

45% of consumers say they will increase their use of digital payments during the pandemic. And this trend will continue over the next six to nine months. [source]

Close to two-thirds (63%) of consumers say they will be focused on boosting savings over the next six to nine months. [source]

Safety matters

Assuming consumers had the necessary assurances that it was safe to resume normal activities, only 34% said they would visit a retail store immediately. [source]

77% of American travelers say the coronavirus has had an impact on their travel plans over the next six months, with 49% having cancelled a trip completely. [source]

When lockdowns are lifted, 67% of Americans say it will take them a few weeks to a few months before they dine out. Only 14% said they would dine out immediately. [source]

Once the restrictions are lifted, roughly half of Americans will “likely to try and avoid for the time being” the following places/activities: 

  • Cinema/theatre (57%)
  • Pubs/bars/clubs (56%)
  • Sporting events (56%)
  • Music concerts/festivals (55%)
  • Restaurants/cafes (48%)
  • Gyms (47%)
  • Large shopping centers (46%)  [source]

Stay in the know

As consumer behavior continues to change amid the pandemic, so will our monthly updates. 

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