Customer Communications Management Success Story

August 15, 2019 RRD, RR Donnelley


A large financial services firm mailing more than 100MM+ pieces across 50 unique package templates was looking to reduce overall costs while making improvements in the following areas of their document composition process.


The client was experiencing 2-3 compliance errors every month as a result of variable data substitutions or programming errors.


They relied on multiple departments and external print vendors to manage/update content, business rules, and variable programming. This restricted their ability to shift production quickly or cost effectively, while also hindering their ability to quickly make universal content updates.


The client had complex business rules that enabled them to vary the images, words, sentences and paragraphs by document, but they didn't have visibility/proofing early enough in the process to ensure they had configured the design, data segmentation and business rules appropriately.


The customer wanted to be able to react to market conditions, make quicker changes, and get updates and new offers into the mail faster.


The client partnered with RRD to integrate file preparation, content editing and variable data programming into a single operation.

The RRD CCM solution automated the variable data programming, enabling the client to proof fully composed/resolved documents at any point in the creative process Now, the client can review, make changes, and see updated proofs within hours, dramatically slashing cycle times.

RRD also worked with each of the clients various print vendors to determine specific requirements for each production site, enabling the client to generate print-ready files that are optimized for immediate production for each location.


  • $1.2 million annual savings
  • 80% reduction in cycle times
  • More than 9 billion documents processed with ZERO errors
  • 100% Compliance Tracking
  • Responsive Design
  • Integrated eDelivery, Archival and ePresentment


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