Increasing Engagement and Revenue with Email Analytics | Retail

August 15, 2019 RRD, RR Donnelley

Lost revenue identified with an email fatigue analysis


With a loosely controlled email stream (managed through multiple departments), this international B2C retailer failed to recognize the value of a more considerate customer experience in an effort to hit sales-driven forecasts. This retailer sought to quantify the cost of its non-optimal email program to gain a more cohesive view of customer contact as well as lost future revenue.


RRD Marketing Solutions conducted an email fatigue analysis to quantify the correlations between email frequency and email fatigue, ultimately determining the cost of over-contacting. This four-step process:

  1. Recognizes the current customer base is already a reflection of the contact stream
  2. Reviews the value differences between positively engaged customers and other segments
  3. Understands the relationships between contact frequency and sales, frequency and engagement, and frequency and opt-outs (aka unsubscribes)
  4. Summarizes the revenue gap


Identification of lost-revenue from over-contacting customers
40% reduction in email unsubscribes
Recognized potential for 5% revenue increase

The results of our email fatigue analysis were used to pull various stakeholders together and emphasize the need for a well-constructed and controlled email marketing strategy.


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