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National Brand Drives E-Commerce Growth with Editorial Services Support | Retail

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Custom team built to develop and execute work from the client’s product and SKU management system


For one national retailer, online sales were critical to the company’s success, driving 34% of its net sales. This retailer came to RRD with two needs: 

  • Reduce internal editorial budget
  • Reduce lost revenue from merchandise on hand but not yet live on site 


RRD built a team of project management and editorial professionals who develop and execute work from the client’s product and SKU management system. This team follows client style and product rules by category, using creative writing to effectively support the e-commerce sales efforts. 

This approach has allowed the client to reduce internal labor costs and leverage a more flexible business model for the management of capacity, talent, and writing process.

Initially an on-site facilities management team, our team is now fully remote. As a result, RRD provided uninterrupted service during the pandemic. 


RRD’s relationship with this client has evolved from the strict creation of product copy to a partnership in which RRD teams have assumed complete ownership of product copy operations. 

Today, RRD currently handles 270,000+ units of product copy per year, along with the management of various processes previously handled by internal staff. Additionally, RRD was awarded further marketing and SEO business from this retailer as well as a full companion contract for product copy production with a sister business.