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Custom-Built On-Site Creative Team Drives Client Goals | Retail

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Brand stewardship elevated across marketing channels


In an effort to create diverse visuals across a variety of applications in-store, this major American home improvement retailer — operating more than 2,000 stores — struggled to maintain rigorous adherence to its established brand. To achieve this goal, the big-box retailer required an on-site team at its corporate headquarters to provide innovative creative service solutions.


RRD Marketing Solutions (RRD-MS) curated a team of creative, account management, operations, project management and production professionals to develop and execute work from creative brief through file release. This team initially resided on-site as a Facilities Management team; however the engagement evolved to include near-site support to fit the changing business needs.

Today, the account management and creative services teams reside on-site and the execution team resides at the RRD-MS Atlanta studio. We have added leadership layers to adapt to a team of over 100 employees.


2,500+ highly complex projects processed per year – accuracy rate exceeding 99%
Cycle-time service level agreements (SLAs) in the 90th percentile
15% increase in project volume per year
Utilizing this hybrid model, the client has experienced elevated brand stewardship across both in-store and online marketing channels through a dedicated team that has an 80% win rate in competition with client’s agency community when pitching creative solutions to upcoming marketing events.
RRD-MS has managed increased complexity and demand, seamlessly adapting our hybrid model to process an average project volume increase of 15% each year. All print production is now produced by RRD-MS to continue to further cost savings for the client.