Health Screening Success Story

August 16, 2019 RRD, RR Donnelley

A Study in Success:
Providing On-site Health Screening Event Support

RRD’s customer is a global health service company providing medical, dental, disability, life and accident insurance, the majority of which are offered through employers and other groups. The health service provider hosts health screening events on an employer’s campus that are staffed by a registered nurse and a physician assistant. The volume of these on-site health screening events is growing and this increase goes beyond what an insurance company could support. Over 50% of events occur within a three month window creating pressures for seasonal demand.


In advance of an on-site screening event, the customer is required to have medical screening devices and kits that may contain as many as 120 different items. Quantities vary for each event, based on the number of participants and medical staff. Functionality testing of medical screening devices is required prior to and after each event. Device functionality is essential for accurate data for the insurance company. The contents of the kits range from office supplies to items requiring cold-room storage.

Specific challenges for the customer included:

  • Increased volume and demand spikes
  • Inventory management
  • Extending outside of core-competencies
  • Increased costs
  • Device testing

The medical insurance provider was looking for a solution that would manage inventory, build kits per EDI orders, process returns, ensure technical functionality and manage logistics for 5,500 or more events per year.


RRD’s design team analyzed the existing supply chain and developed a comprehensive solution. A demand-driven, product completion and reverse logistics model was implemented which addressed each challenge.

The solution included:

  • Material resource planning to forecast future demand
  • Fulfillment of all products based on each unique event
  • Track and trace of valuable devices and consumables
  • Product testing on inbound and outbound equipment
  • Quality audits to ensure standards are exceeded
  • Staffing solutions to address seasonal demand
  • Inventory management with real-time web based access
  • Ability to upscale production capacity with increasing kit costs

At the conclusion of each event, RRD manages the return of unused materials and equipment, the hardware is tested and non-consumable items are restocked for future event orders.


By drawing on RRD ’s supply chain expertise the customer was able to fully utilize capital resources in the areas of sales and customer service. The customer also achieved:

  • Consolidation of forward and reverse activities
  • Flexibility for seasonal demand
  • Full track and traceability
  • Reduced total supply chain cost
  • Ability to scale upwards and support future growth of on–site programs
  • Improved customer service

Benefits of Working with RRD

RRD’s core competencies, strategic direction and vertically integrated services can help to create a unique competitive advantage with the following benefits:

  • Reduced time-to-market for products with a single interface and global reach
  • Reduced total supply chain cost from design through to final product delivery
  • Aid in revenue generation with attractive product packaging
  • Streamline global processes with enhanced planning and forecasting

Supply Chain Solutions

RRD Supply Chain Solutions is a recognized global supply chain and packaging provider that delivers value-add solutions to multiple sectors. As part of RRD (NYSE:RRD), a broad suite of capabilities is offered including packaging design and production, sourcing, kitting and fulfillment services. Solution design, systems, processes and precise project execution can help customers to constantly improve their market share, profits and speed-to-market.

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