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RRD Facility Spotlight: RRD Packaging Solutions – Vista

facility entrance for RRD Packaging Solutions - Vista

Centrally located in Southern California, the RRD Packaging Solutions – Vista facility specializes in innovative packaging solutions to serve even the most specialized of needs.

To learn more about Vista, we connect with three individuals who have a lot to do with making it a distinct and innovative leader in the current marketplace: Karl Pieper, Business Development Manager, RRD Packaging Solutions; Tony Irrera, VP of Business Development, Cannabis Solutions; and Geneva Oseguera, Sr. Strategic Sales Executive.

If you had to narrow it down to one, what do you consider Vista's forte?

Karl Pieper: Concept to completion, we can step in and own that entire process for a client. Being able to take a widget or the contents of a package and understand how it translates to production gives the Vista plant a more-nimble footing. We can look at a product and immediately start asking the right questions and making the right decisions.

Speed to market is another big one. Because of our industry understanding and ability to react to our clients’ needs, there isn’t a lot of waiting when they come to us. When they come through that door, we have a solution for them almost immediately. It’s rare for a client to have to wait several days or a week for us to come back to them with a concept or direction.

It’s also about scale. We are positioned to serve clients from beginning to end with localized services in Vista to seven other plants in our North American packaging network.   

What about this facility makes it unique in the current marketplace?

Tony Irrera: Location, for one. This is especially true when it comes to the cannabis and CBD industries in California, which have seen tremendous growth since 2018. The location of this facility and our team present clients with a real strategic advantage.

At this facility, we have a deep understanding of the marketplace and the trials and tribulations many of these cannabis companies have gone through. We’ve seen small companies grow into huge entities. We understand their challenges. We understand the legal and regulatory issues they encounter as they try to get their products to market. This experience and understanding gives us a competitive advantage.

When new clients come in, the wheel doesn’t have to be reinvented. We have this highly relevant experience that continues to benefit new clients in this space. There's confidence on both sides when we come to the table after hearing a client’s challenge or about a project and we’re able to say, “Oh yeah, we’ve done something just like this before.” We’re a hit-the-ground-running facility for many of our clients.

Can you share a recent client success story that showcases this forte?

Geneva Oseguera: CV Sciences is one client success story that immediately comes to mind. They came to us needing to bring commercial products to market efficiently and distinctively. They showed us a product and we ran with it — from conceptualizing the structure to generating the renderings to creating the actual packaging.

We actually partnered with our Temecula facility to complete this project all the way through kitting and fulfillment. This is a perfect example of our ability to take early customer concepts all the way through production — and we did it relatively quickly.

As business evolves, what role do you see Vista playing in that evolution for its clients?

Karl Pieper: To adapt to an ever-changing paperboard packaging marketplace, we’re introducing innovative designs and substrates. Also, with RRD’s global footprint, we're able to explore and source materials — paper made from hemp to recycled coffee cups — from well beyond our region.

Design wise, Vista has made a name for itself as an innovator that isn’t one to conform to the ordinary square box - unless required. If you want something different — fun shapes, clean structure, sound execution, professional consistency — Vista is the place to make that happen.

Vista also produces a product called the Flex Mailer™. It pairs a design engineered outer mailer with an interior tray to create a supportive, yet flexible, paperboard package that’s uniqueness makes it ideal for brand customization while offering big postage savings when mailed as an automated flat. 


For more information about this facility, visit the RRD Packaging Solutions – Vista location page.