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Consumer Behavior Winter Update — COVID-19

female grocery shopper in brown leather jacket wearing a mask reaching for an item on the shelf, holding smartphone in other hand

As vaccine availability grows, a good deal of uncertainty continues to loom around what exactly winter has in store — particularly as it relates to COVID-19 — and consumers continue to reassess and modify their own version of consumerism.    

To keep a pulse on just how the pandemic has impacted consumer behavior, our Market Intelligence team pulled together the most credible research available on COVID-19 and its effect on the marketplace.

Here’s a snapshot of stats from recent weeks that we found to be some of the most compelling. 

For a deeper, more industry-specific dive on COVID's impact on consumer behavior, see below:

COVID-19 and consumer behavior

Here are 10 new numbers from our latest market research. 

  • People plan to make an average of 67% of holiday purchases online this year — compared to the average of 56% last year. [source
  • When asked, "How soon from now would you be comfortable shopping in stores?" 51%  said now while 26% say they plan to wait at least six months. [source
  • 46% are willing to pay more at a hotel that implements increased safety precautions. [source]
  • Nearly 90% prefer that the hotel they visit has a mobile app offering the ability to completely manage their stay without having to interact with a person. [source]
  • When asked, "How soon from now would you be comfortable going on vacation/traveling?" 53% of Americans say it will be at least six months. [source]
  • When it comes to car buying, 72% do not feel the need to finance a car in person. And 55% would like to sign and pay for an automotive purchase digitally. [source]
  • 78% of consumers say that the days of going into a physical financial institution are coming to an end, accelerated by the COVID-19 lockdowns (up from 57% in 2019). [source]
  • Only 20% of consumers think traditional financial institutions are evolving fast enough to keep up with consumer needs and expectations. [source]
  • Nearly 75% of consumers are concerned about catching COVID-19 while grocery shopping. [source]
  • 75% of consumers said they would be likely to go to a restaurant and be seated outside in an enclosed and heated tent, if standard social distancing measures were followed.  [source]

Stay in the know

As consumer behavior continues to change amid the pandemic, so will our monthly updates. 

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